When To Evacuate Your Home Due To A Hurricane

Many regions of the United States have to deal with the risks of hurricanes on a yearly basis. Some states face such dangers multiple times in a year. Knowing when it is appropriate to evacuate a home is often tough. Many people cannot afford to get up and move somewhere even if it is only temporarily. Hurricanes range from severe to mild and there are plenty of people who refuse to evacuate regardless of the dangers.

It is important that every resident understands the risks of a hurricane and when to evacuate their home. Local authorities issue warnings whenever weathers conditions become unusually dangerous. If your local authorities are recommending that home owners evacuate then that is the best and simplest way to determine what actions to take. Safety should be the number one concern. Evacuating a home is inconvenient and can be extremely costly to the resident, but these costs are meaningless when compared to the life threatening dangers of a severe hurricane.

It is important to keep your vehicle’s fuel tanks full whenever there is any potential danger of a hurricane. In case you decide that evacuating is the best choice you need to know that you have as much fuel as necessary to drive somewhere safe. Filling stations will often close when the dangers become too great. Do not expect that your everyday resources will be readily available during such times. Try to keep separate gasoline tanks just in case. Develop a keen understanding of the routes necessary to evacuate your town.

It is entirely up to the resident to choose when they think evacuating their home is absolutely necessary. Many people believe that a category 4 or higher hurricane is the point where evacuation becomes a series consideration. Hurricanes of the category 1 to 3 are not nearly as severe, but keep in mind that weather is not entirely predictable. Hurricanes can unexpectedly become stronger and more dangerous for many reasons and quickly enough to make evacuation a struggle.

The type of home is also a major factor in deciding when to evacuate. Mobile homes are certainly less prepared for a hurricane than a home with a sturdy structure. People living in mobile homes should probably evacuate when faced with a category 3 hurricane. Category 2 hurricanes may even be debatable for such residents.

Deciding when to evacuate your home during a hurricane is never easy. Keep safety as your main priority and do not let financial stress keep you at home if the conditions are unreasonable. Listen to your local authorities and take their advice. Safety is their main concern and it should be yours as well.

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